Estate Planning & Small Business Representation

My mission is to make it easy and affordable to get great legal advice and representation. I offer a free initial consultation of up to one hour. During that meeting, we will discuss your needs, and I will give you an estimate of how much it will cost to meet those needs. My practice areas are: 

 ESTATE PLANNING:  Regardless who you are or how many assets you have, an estate plan is important. Family and friends depend on us: always emotionally, and sometimes physically and financially. An estate plan makes it easier on those we leave behind. If you are not sure how you will benefit from an estate plan, take a look at my “Top 10 list” or just give me a call.
SMALL BUSINESS ADVICE & REPRESENTATION:  For more than 10 years, I owned and operated a small business — Upper Crust Bread Company. I know what it takes to create and maintain a small business,  plan for the future, and ultimately sell that business. If you are starting a business or already own a small business and need some legal assistance, call me.
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