Estate Planning & Small Business Representation
If You Have Minor Children
Your estate plan should be designed to protect your children in the event something happens, regardless of your wealth (or lack thereof). 

If you do not have significant financial resources, you can provide financial protection through an estate plan coupled with term life insurance.   A structured estate plan financed with term insurance can ensure minor children will be cared for until they can take care of themselves.

In addition, you can identify the person you want to be in charge of the finances for your child.  The best caregivers for your children may not be the best money managers. If not, you can designate someone else to watch over the money and other assets.

In addition to financial protection, your children also need physical and emotional protection.  If something happens to you, they need someone to step in immediately -- the less uncertainty, the better. Without a will, a judge will make decisions without your input and decide who takes care of them. During the time the judge is deciding, your children will need to deal with added uncertainty because you did not have a will.

Your Will is Your Back-Up Plan

You may be thinking that even if something happens to you, your spouse/significant other will be there for your children and to handle everything.  However, if there is an accident, you both might not be available.  Your will is your back-up plan.  Even if your spouse survives you and will be providing for the children's physical and emotional care, you can reduce the burden on your spouse.  With an estate plan, the assets will be maximized, and the uncertainty minimized.  Your spouse will not have to struggle with decisions that already were made as part of the estate plan, and the probate process will be faster and less expensive.  
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