Estate Planning & Small Business Representation


It is important that you are comfortable with me.  I offer a free initial consultation of up to 1 hour. At that point, you can decide whether you want to proceed.   If yes, we sign a statement that sets out what I will charge, so you have a cost estimate. The total fees will include my usual hourly rate of $150 per hour plus out-of-pocket expenses.
Estate Planning Estimate

Generally, basic estate planning documents for 1 individual will cost between $300 and $500. If there is a couple who want similar documents, the documents for the second individual usually will cost an additional $150 or less. If it appears from the initial free consultation that your situation is more complicated, I will tell you then, before you decide to proceed.

Small Business Representation

This is a broad area with many variables, so it is difficult to provide cost estimates here. However, as with estate planning, I offer a free one hour initial consultation. After we discuss your needs, I will provide you with a cost estimate.
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